The concept Meet In The Middle adheres to is not new. Quality Assurance systems like ISO9000 will generally follow this feedback loop:

Plan → Do → Check → Act

Meet In The Middle translates these to:

Analysis → Advice → Strategy → Security


By analysing your needs concerning cybersecurity and/or data protection an assessment of the weak spots is made. This usually includes digital and/or physical scrutiny of your internal and external IT infrastructure by means of observation and penetration testing. We look at your network “through the eyes of a hacker”, albeit an ethical one.


We advise you on the options you have for alleviating the risk of a data breach without losing track of the budget


After discussing this with you, a strategic plan will be drafted to deploy these security measures and to instruct you on how to keep them up-to-date and safe in the future


Your IT-infrastructure is now safer and more reliable and safeguards you better than before against unauthorised access or damage.